Re: USB to Parallel?

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Subject: Re: USB to Parallel?
Name: Bob
Date: 8/20/2005 5:38:56 AM (GMT-7)
IP Address:
In Reply to: Re: USB to Parallel? posted by SubliminalCriminal

The point here is the add states "USB to parallel centronics printer port" which I believe is the orginal slow LPT1 port & if Kenny's "hardware lock device" requires an enhanced mode, that the software will not work for him. I thought that after LED's statement I figured some LPT1 device were picky.
I need the LPT1 port for my HP laserjet which I am sure can use the faster modes & yes I have a LPT1 cable with LEDs on it controlable thru the basic programing language. Besides my PIC micro chip programmer is a serial port device. I may end up with a server on my LAN to do the printer & maybe the PIC.
Now the Eprom programmer I had I tossed, cause it was old & only did small address's compared to now days. I did add switches to the address lines which was a long slow broken up process. Besides I have no need for a eprom programmer as now days PC's use EEproms & they do not break down like they use to & the PIC micro-controllers has more RAM & ROM if you need it. Besides nowdays you almost need an electron microscope to see & fix or hack modern PC parts & my eyes are not that great anymore either. I would not even work on something till I found my 10x magnifier, which ended up missing for a month. It was a shake charging LED flashlight like the lifetime everlast flashlight on TV. My is the small version they advertize by running it over with a car & bang it on something hard. Only mine fell off a bed (so I was told) & the screw head popped & the .33 farad cap jarred loose & lost its connection. The cap can slide out to be replaced thou it should have been the soldier type. I did add a couple of little super magnets to the one already there. I also had the idea to change the cap my self only the best I could do is .50 farads do to space limits & voltage limit restrictions. Enuf bs have a good day.

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