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Subject: Re: no wood dude
Name: booly
Date: 4/19/2002 11:57:30 AM (GMT-7)
IP Address:
In Reply to: Re: no wood dude posted by Ben

yes you are right IMHO all silver would be good if you can forge the fins OK, that is going to be the interesting question, I am not sure how easy that will be as I have never tried it ! I have only tried lead, just for fun. Forging a base would be way easier, maybe a plan to hold in reserve, aim high !

What I see is as follows. When pouring into a small aperture like a fin there is an issue with releasing air bubbles and also a crust forming mid pour which will obstruct the flow of the liquid metal as it will harden on contact with the cooler mould, very rapidly, so the metal needs to be hot so that it will have enough energy to remelt itself from behind the initial freeze and spread through the mould and even allow bubbles to work out.

Of course then there is danger that pressure build ups can cause metal to spit or even airpockets explode so you need to pour with protection in mind if it is an enclosed mould

Once a block of Plaster has been made around a wax HS model you can drill holes (in what will be the top part of the mould during the pour) to allow the air out, as well as one to let the metal in.

You could build a funnel into the wax work to allow a good pouring aperture. I believe that in theory (just figured this out) you could cook a plaster mold as Ludi suggested for clay and premelt the wax so it does not impede at all, it should pour out and soak into the plaster.

Its a cool idea though, hope it works. I was thinking that if necessary you might be able to place copper fins in the waxwork so that they were preplaced and embedded in the PoP, then if the silver was hot enough it would melt the copper and weld itself to the fins, but I just thought that would make the silver impure if you needed to repour so I guess it ought to be the last resort if you want unalloyed silver HS.

It would keep the werewolves away in any case.

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