Need you all's brains for a second

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Subject: Need you all's brains for a second
Name: Connie
Date: 2/24/2002 6:44:44 PM (GMT-7)
IP Address:

I was onTSR (The Sims resource) BBS and this 15 year old kid has a problem with the game.
Here's his text........what caught my attention is the line about the computer deleting all his programs he's installed on reboot. So I told him to email me. I hate it when 15 year old kids have a problem Nobody ever wants to help them. Guess that's because I have 2 15 year old grandkids with computer problems too. LOL.......
His first Post:
Okay. I have not played my Sims game for..........probably a year or two. Its bad and I really miss playing it. The reason I have not been playing the game is the fact that I have a problem that no one else does. Whenever I start the game it is fine and I can play my game making houses doing this and that for about half an hour and then the game freezes. I cannot do anything so I have to shut off my computer. It happens with all the expansions and I have tried all kinds of patches and I tried SimFile and I even rebooted my computer, which made me mad because everything was deleted off my computer and it still did not solve the problem with the game. I don't want to have to buy a new game because I have a feeling that would not solve the problem. And the thing is since the game freezes with all the expansions I have no clue which one to buy. Just to tell you all also is that the all the games used to work for me perfectly when I got them. They have no scratches on them and I have donwloaded no other software to my computer to maybe corrupt the files. Now my question is has anyone else had this problem? Also does anyone know what I can do because I really want to play this game and I just got HotDate and I figured that once Sim Vacation comes out my parents will not let me get it and I don't want too because my game does not work. So all I am asking is if someone knows how to help me. Thank you very much!!
His second and third post:
Wow........thanks to all those who are helping. My computer is about a year old and like I said TheSims always used to work fine for me. I do have a few other software games and they work fine on my PC. Um.......I have a Windows 2000 for a computer. By warranty I don't know what you mean by that........and I usually don't have the sound on for my game when playing. But what I don't get is that I used to be able to play it and then all of a sudden it does not like me......

Oh......and by reboot I meant by restarting my computer from the day I bought it. It deletes all the stuff and software that I previously bought and restores my computer to the state at which I bought it.
Would not installing these programs as Administrator cause this in WIN 2000? Or does he have something else not kosher here?

Comments please fellas. Right now I don't know what this machine is....yet.

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