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Subject: Re: How come
Name: Bob
Date: 9/28/2001 5:19:38 PM (GMT-7)
IP Address:
In Reply to: How come "DUBYA"'s changed his tune on WAR?.... posted by Celstk855

Well we known one thing when you are going to goto war, you do not want the bad guys to
know exactly when you are going to start. Our threat is no longer from the air from crashing planes into buildings, this will on longer happen as the pilot will just crash the plane in an open
area, or just let a couple of people die, or a marshal will solve the problem. The real threat now is hazzardious material trucks, which has been stopped @ this time or a biological germ warfare which can be a problem for everybody not just the USA, this one would be hard to stop.

Oh ya the stopping of terriorism, if all the free countries of the world decided this is enuf of this
shit & come together to end terrorism it will be ended.

Oh ya I do believe that laden is not the only big bad person involved, many people are involved including hussan (spelling ?) but our prez will not give out all info @ once why have all the bad guys ready for ya.

This all is a trick to fool the media & give us an edge there is more going on here then there appears.

The peace that you hold so dearly & that we did hold dearly is exactly what these bad guys do not want & the bad guys will do whatever it takes to bring back many small wars so they can get a bigger piece of the pie. Beware as your country may be next on the list.

Have you seen how the Afgahnis woman are treated ? it is imoral, no schooling, no jobs, no voting, no showing any part of the body in public & treated as slaves & turned into bumms if the husband does not want them anymore. Do you really wish to defend this kind of behaviour ?

This was just some food for thought & if I knew everything I would be the next prez.


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