Re: New Athlon blues...

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Subject: Re: New Athlon blues...
Name: Eric
Date: 7/10/2001 5:55:01 PM (GMT-7)
IP Address:
In Reply to: New Athlon blues... posted by JCIV

I just recently upgraded to a tbird 1ghz. I'll have to admit to still being fairly new at working the inside of my 'puter even though this my 2nd big upgrade. I got a tbird 1ghz with asus a7v133 mb and initially had a lot of trouble just getting windows back up and running (most of the trouble was my fault, tried going from Me to 98, whole big messy other story). By the time I got everything seemingly working normally, the cpu was reading at about 130F with the clock speed set to the normal 1ghz. I was using the fan Premier recommended, although I didn't use any cooling compound other than what was on the fan (hey, said I'm new at this 'member?). After having Giants, Half-life, Eq, and any other decent game locking the system up for me, I went through a string of cpu fans trying to alleviate the heat problem. Since this whole mess has started I've added a case fan on the back, and am getting ready to order a pci-type fan to try to keep my geforce 2 cool, since its right under the cpu. I've also currently got the cpu underclocked to 600 mhz to keep the temp down to around 115-116F for surfing or whatnot, but it still locks up with any of my games after a while. I've even considered looking into peltier cooling but I'm not too comfortable with all the possibility of getting moisture in there/hooking the thing up. What I'm wondering is if I possibly got a crap cpu like TKO and need to contact AMD for replacement, and how to go about it (need invoice, trade-in criteria, etc.), as I managed to scrape up the processor with all the fan changes. I would also like to know where to find a Volcano II, since I've been searching online since yesterday for one with little to no luck. Any suggestions, comments, or insights would be much appreciated.

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