hypocrites? LOL

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Subject: hypocrites? LOL
Name: ludicrous
Date: 6/30/2001 1:45:24 PM (GMT-7)
IP Address:
In Reply to: I don't agree... posted by SickOfItAll

You have been on a rag for like the past two months man, chill!

I am currently posting this via my Intel Pentium II/i440BX box. Sitting next to me is my P150 laptop. Downstairs in the basement are a Pentium 233MMX, a P120, and a couple Intel-based 486 machines.

So, when I complain about Intel's abusive business practices due to holding an extremely large portion of the market, am I a hypocrite?

I do vote with my dollar, and that's why my top machine has always been AMD-based. I started with a K6-233, moved through a couple K6-2s, and then went to Athlon country -- and later upgraded one of my secondary machines to a K6-III+.

So, what is my alternative to Microsoft? Linux? Several months ago I wasted a 5-hour afternoon trying to get Corel Linux up and running on one of my secondaries, as it is supposed to be simple to use and easy to set up. Maybe it just didn't like the hardware I was trying to feed it, but I've had Windows running on that same machine so go figure, and could have had Windows running on that machine about four times in that same time space.

I don't resent Microsoft for being a smart business any more than I resent Intel. I don't hold a specific ideological hatred of either. I use products from both companies. And I am glad that their standards and methods have aided in standardizing PC hardware so that I can buy any mix of hardware and assemble it into a working PC, without having to worry too much about proprietary setups and incompatible hardware.

But now both companies hold high market shares --Intel about 80% of the processor market, Microsoft about 90% of the desktop market. Why is being suspicious of how those companies' plans to continue growing MIGHT injure the consumer, "hypocritical"?

Man, you really need a vacation

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