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Subject: Re: err...sort of
Name: Bob
Date: 1/9/2001 2:46:47 PM (GMT-7)
IP Address:
In Reply to: err...sort of posted by ludicrous

A fact that was missed is on the cheap surge units is that if the switch is off then there is no protection at all. Also there is only proctection
on the hot & neutral wire.

What the surge protectors are, are MOV's in the
cheap protectors they are the smaller versions like 1k joules.

This is what I did I got a 3 prong electricly plug from an old broken microwave oven (heavy duty) I
left only 1 - 2" of wire & stripped off 1/2".
I bought the largest MOV's 2k joules but
1 got 3 MOV's at 130 volts AC &
1 got 3 MOV's at 150 volts AC

The 130 & 150 volts are wired together (grouped)
a 130 lead to a 150 lead then the other free (unused) leads are wired the same way, this is called a parallel connection.
Now then the 3 groups of MOV's are wired together
end to end forming a triangle (a series circuit) with 3 leads (ends to wire up to) this is is where I connect the 3 wires from the wall plug & I soldier these together, none of these three wires
can touch each other (very bad).
This protects all the wires from surges even a little bit of lighting & can be plugged in any where like the wall plug where the power strip is plugged in & can be moved easy.
The exposed wires can be epoxied, liquid rubber,
my latest one I used electrical tape then used
caulk in a bottle & filled up the hole so even if
the MOV's were squeezed they will not short.

On a non ground plug I just use one 130 & one 150
volt MOV's to give some protection.

I do not even want to get into the first 2 units
that I built into power boxes that have switches
& plugs for each device also fast blowing fuses
& an RF filter.


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