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Global Win 25602-16

  • AMD K6-233 approved

  • 60 x 60 x 49 mm (LWH)

  • 12V dual-ball bearing fan

  • 0.57 C/W (mfg spec)

Size/Practicality 50%
Efficiency 95%
Noise 50%
Ease of Install/Removal 50%
Price 90%

Size/Practicality: The GlobalWin 25602-16 is a MONSTER (it's dimensions are 60 x 60 x 49 mm [LWH])! To even get it into my mid-tower case, I had to saw off a piece of my internal hard disk bracket. Make sure you have plenty of room in your case before installing this thing. Also, if there are any objects, such as capacitors, directly around the Socket-7, this unit may touch them, or simply not fit in.

Efficiency: As you can see by the test results, the GlobalWin 25602-16 (along with the 3DfxCool PHO - which is an identical unit) is pretty much the best heatsink/fan cooling unit available today for Socket-7 CPUs. It'll easily cool any overclocked Pentium (MMX), 6x86MX, or AMD K6.

Noise: With the high performance of this cooling unit comes a lot of noise. If you already have a few chassis fans inside your case, and you want the coolest possible computer, go ahead and get this. However, if you like to use your computer without using ear-plugs, try something else (okay, maybe it's not that loud, but it's definitely the loudest of the bunch. It's not too annoying once you get used to it).

Ease of Install/Removal: Because of the size of this unit, installation may be somewhat of a hassel. One of the capacitors on my ASUS TX97-E was getting in the way a bit, however, I finally managed to get the unit on. Also, as I've written above, to get this thing into my case, I had to saw off a bit of it. Getting it off is another hard task - with my thick (thicker than the Pentium, or Pentium MMX) 6x86 P166+, I had quite a hard time getting this thing off, and nearly broke off that capacitor I was talking about.

Price: The GlobalWin 25602-16 comes at a great price - usually $20 US or less - and is definitely worth the money, in terms of performance. My opinion: if you are a serious overclocker, get this. If you're anything else, go for something a bit less extreme.


Manufacturer: GlobalWin -

Places to Buy: SDS Mark II -

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