Re: to cold?

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Subject: Re: to cold?
Name: Bob
Date: 12/11/2004 7:48:04 AM (GMT-7)
IP Address:
In Reply to: Re: to cold? posted by Hugh

Now I am going to try to push you even alittle farther. Onto free energy there is a group of people actually trying to harness the vacuum energy or some call it zero point energy & can be called dark energy depending on which field your in. This theory is what I was trying disprove with the black hole idea of mine. If I can come up with a possible theory then maybe theres even a better reason for the universe to be older. If I am wrong the main problem of getting energy out of a vacumm is you need matter to capture the energy & matter is what hinders zero point energy.

There are other sources of free energy that we do not know how to tap yet, like the earth is always getting hit by lighting. Earth does have an magnetic field & gets hit by comic rays (particles) & solar flares, microwaves, neutrinos.
This is stuff we only know about there has to be more types of power we have not even dreamed of yet.

Free energy in a way needs more then 100% efficiency, cause you need the motor or device to drive itself & have xtra energy to use or to drive some kind of generator for more work. I had studied this subject before getting into space stuff & I had no idea that vacuum energy came from the possible fact that the universe may actually
be picking up speed.

Yes my super massive black hole idea & slowing of time has a distance problem, theory has already proved that SM BH are related to to galaxy around them. They are 1/2 of a % the mass of the galaxy they are formed in or form themselfs & the speed of the outter stars are related to the size of the SM BH. The bigger the SM BH the faster the stars move on the outter rim. This proves they were close at one time in the beggining with the forming of the galaxy. This is the theory part, the SM BH while eating some gas & matter, a shit load of energy is escaping the SM BH gravity & must push the galaxy out farther. Cause where earth is now the SM BH has no effect on us here.

BTW yes I mixed up billion & giga on purpose they are one & the same as far as I know.

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