sent it back =\

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Subject: sent it back =\
Name: Kenny
Date: 9/1/2004 7:43:31 PM (GMT-7)
IP Address:

Well, take away my geek card.

I decided that I didn't have the time or the patience to dink with the computer until it worked. Nor do I want a computer that I have to trick into accepting windows. I've never encountered this problem. So, I've sent the stuff back to newegg.

On that note, couple quick questions. Saw last night that not only does newegg only give you 7 days to return CPU's, it also has to be postmarked within 7 days of the invoice date. My invoice date says 8/26. Called this morning and they told me that it starts counting with day 1 being the invoice day, making today the 1st, my deadline for postmarking.
Postmarking is a post office term. But I sent it back Fedex. Their driver left for the day at 5pm, I got there with my return at around 5:30. So - it won't be shipped out of that location until tomorrow; but, this should still count as being "postmarked" today, right? Cause I left it at the Fedex location and they scanned it into their system. Actually, if I go track it on their website, it says "Package data transmitted to FedEx; package not in FedEx possession"
That seems like an odd way to word it; it is in their possession. Does anyone think Newegg is gonna have a problem with this?

Second question: I was taking apart the stuff today. Intel P4 with the retail heatsink that came with it, that had a thin layer of thermal stuff on the heatsink. When I pulled the heatsink off, the chip had gotten stuck to that thermal stuff, so it ended up pulling the chip out of the socket too. I had to pry it off the heatsink with my fingers. The pins all looked fine and such... but there is residue of the thermal layer stuck all over the top of the chip. Any reason for that to be considered physical damage that would void the warranty?

Thanks guys.

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