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Subject: Re: So
Name: Connie
Date: 7/23/2004 8:18:32 PM (GMT-7)
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In Reply to: Re: So posted by LED

I've had back pain for 24 years now. I ruptured the L4/L5 disk October 1980, the C5/C6 June 8, 1983, the
one between the shoulder blades January 1984(But that one had been injured in 1966 when I fell down a flight of stairs and hit it on the stair riser.)
The L4/L5 went again in 1989 leaving me with constant pain in the right hip and a tendancy to lock the back once or twice a year. Then in 2002 it shifted again and started random pain down the left leg and staying mostly in the left hip. Then I got this interesting pain in the left heel, arch supports for that, then since it wasn't much better
the EMG two weeks ago because the ankle/foot was collapsing sending me crashing to the ground. Which at my age kind of sucks. Especially if you happen to be on concrete when it happens. The EMG didn't solve that glitch, just uncovered a new one. Pffft! So a battery of blood tests which all came back normal I'm healthy as a horse just have these orthapaedic glitches which cause pain at times. Because the L4/L5 is so mobile they aren't sure any nerve blocks would work. Plus I have arthritis of the spine. The disk more than likely is degenerating (Was in 89) so you just live with it unless it decides to just sit on that sciatic nerve and not get off. THen I'll wake them up in the middle of the night and they can draw up a plan of attack. Until then, leave it alone.

I really don't take many pain killers. Just need them when I have to stand long periods of time. Right now 800 mg Motrins usually do the trick, because alot of it is arthritis. But yesterday it was playing tag with the sciatic nerve so I swiped on of Sonny's percocets. Today it's been ok, so haven't needed anything. And so it goes.

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