Trying to install win2000 - it just won't work.

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Subject: Trying to install win2000 - it just won't work.
Name: Hugh
Date: 1/29/2002 3:48:57 PM (GMT-7)
IP Address:

I finally got sick of win98SE so I decided to try something new and install win2000. So I formatted the drive in with the NTSF file system, and followed the instructions. Everything went fine until the screen shut off. The system still seemed to be active though, apart from the abscence of HDD activity (but the HDD LED would stay continuously lit). It's like it just stops in its tracks. The fans and stuff were still working but when I manually turned the screen back on it displayed a "no video signal" message. To get things running I had to press the reset button. It did this a few times, but eventually the installation completed itself. Things were far from stable though. Win2000 would randomly freeze or spontaneously reboot, or do what I described above. Eventually, it wouldn't even get passed the splash screen. The indicator would reach the end, some sort error message pops up for 1/1000th of a second (what's the use of error messages if it's impossible to read the damn thing!!) and the computer reboots itself. What the heck is wrong?

Here's some system info:

-celeron 566@850, with the use of a slotket
-Abit BX6
-576MB RAM (a mixture of pc 133 and pc 100 running a CAS2: 1*256 + 2*128 + 1*64)
-Creative Labs TNT
-Everything else I pulled out and it still happens

I thought it might be the fact that my CPU is overclocked (even though it's been running fine for over a year with win98 and the temperature is relatively cool) so I went back to the default settings. Same thing. I pulled everything out of the MB except the video card, mem, floppy, cdrom and HDD. Again, same thing. I've reformatted and tried again with the minimal hardware... same thing!! Fed up, I ghosted win98 back onto the drive and everything works fine. Then I tried installing win2000 from windows, and keeping the FAT32 file system, setting memory timings to CAS3, made sure BIOS virus scanning was off ...the stupid thing still keeps on rebooting at the splash screen.

This is really annoying. This time I kept windows98 alongside win2000 so even though win2000 still crashes, I can access the internet and stuff. Been using win98 for about an hour and it's fine. So my hardware should be fine... Anyway, I'll stop rambling but if anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

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