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Subject: Re: programming
Name: tide
Date: 1/28/2002 12:28:30 PM (GMT-7)
IP Address:
In Reply to: Programing fun (ohh and something else) posted by Ben

Depends on what you like to do. I guess there are 4 possiblities (print this page out and make a cross where you think that's the right thing for you and send it to me with 100$

    | Fun | Serious |
Web |     |         |
Apps|     |         |

You want to program just to have programmed. There's nothing big you want to do, just fooling around. It is, however, a way to learn something too...

You seriously want to learn something. And maybe use this later, visit a course, even work as programmer

Well, web is cool. For doing web programming, you need to learn html first, as it is the basis for every webpage you see out there. CSS is very important too, it defines styles of text, layers, everything. CSS and HTML go hand in hand. Try to prevent these dirty font tags at any price as that is very inflexible! Then, I think a bit of javascript would be quite helpful so you can make these onmouseover effects (but there's much more ).
So, you can now build a webpage and make it look nice (can you do photoshop? - that's jind of necessary too, unfortunately ).
After being that far, you can head over to php which is working on the server and not, like javascript, on the client. It is quite powerful yet easy to learn ( at least when you've done C/C++ before. The Syntax is very similar)
You can also go towards Java and generate your webpage from within Java servlets. Java is much more powerful than php. And if anybody tells you Java is slow - that's not true (not going into details here, okay?) Java is indeed slower than C/C++ compiled programs but still fast enough to do website generation, Database action and so on...
And as you start getting into JAva or php you will have to learn SQL, so you can query an SQL database and generate your website from the db.
.Net is an alternative to Java. I really like the concept behind .Net and M$ has put a lot of effort into this but I hate to see that there are only MS OS runtimes...

Well, applications lake the browser you use to read this.
If you are interested in security (but I'm afraid you almost have to be a freak to be interested in that [I am a bit - interested]). You should start with assembler. It shows you what's going on in your comp, what he's actually doing. Then get over to C and C++, learn about pointers and polymorphism (advanced level, though). Then appear Java and .Net again on the list as both can be used for web and apps (C too, but due to buffer overflows and present alternatives -> Java, .Net; One should avoid C in web environments, I believe). Delphi (Pascal) is an alternative to C/C++ too but you kind of loose your style bonus when you go from C to PAscal

Lot's o' stuff I listed here, eh? The world of programming is huge. There are more languages like Perl, for example, or brainfuck (although this cannot be considered a real programming language it's... err... brainfuck ) or XML/XSL over which you will certainly stumble in context to Java and .Net

I am doing almost everything I listed above. I'm about to learn Java ( if there's enough time ). And I later might go .Net if I find a linux runtime. I really hate to be on a M$ only basis.

Lange Rede - Kurzer Sinn: As mentioned, the programming world is really big. doing some programming as hobby is okay to learn something and keep your brain busy (Don't just do the stupid hello world examples). Try difficult stuff. ask your self why something doesn't work and learn from your faults. One thing that really needs time is getting experience - to know what's possible and how it is. And experience is very important...

don't hesitate, just start


oh and: avoid VBScript. It's another dirty M$ only lingo. I live pretty well without it. Javascript is just as good and

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