Agree with Richter

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Subject: Agree with Richter
Name: Joe F
Date: 12/22/2001 6:57:38 PM (GMT-7)
IP Address:
In Reply to: What is a conservative OC for this setup? posted by Solo

I have a very similar setup:

XP 1700 (just got it today)
AK31 3.1
Corsair XMS2400 256MB X 2
GF3 (original)
SB Audigy (also just got it today)
2 x 15 GB WD
2 x 20 GB WD

I checked 2 auto parts stores and a Radio Shack and didn't find any conductive paint/marker I could use to unlock the chip. Right now I'm running 11*150 = 1650, with Prime95 torture test going, and I've finished a loop of 10 consecutive runs of 3DMark 2001.

First suggestion: Set your DDR Command rate to 2T. I can run at 133 with 1T, but at 150 I MUST have 2T to achieve any stability. I have the DDR voltage at the default of 2.5, but you might try 2.6 or 2.7V. Other timings: CAS2, RtC delay 6 (DEFINITELY set to 6 for high bus speeds), tRAS2, 4-way interleave, queue length (or whatever it's called) 4.

Second: Get a better heatsink. I'm not aware of anything Vantec makes that can keep up with the forefront of Socket A coolers. If you have the $, tools, and time, maybe an Alpha PA8045. I think you'll have to cut into it to get around a capacitor on the AK31. The Thermalright SK6 is pretty affordable and will definitely fit on the AK31.

My Vcore is set to +0.100V (for 1.85), but I'm not sure the chip really needs the boost.

Good luck and happy OCing.

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