W32.Gokar.A@mm virus

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Subject: W32.Gokar.A@mm virus
Name: MS
Date: 12/13/2001 12:57:06 PM (GMT-7)
IP Address:

A new virus is making its way through the Internet and has been seen in Motorola called
the W32.Gokar.A@mm virus.

This is a worm-virus that does not seem to be destructive, but more research is being done by AntiVirus vendors.

The virus generates random file attachment names. So, filtering on attachment name is not possible. Some of the names it will generate
will end in *.SCR or *.PIF, which we already filter. However, it also uses *.COM
and *.EXE names, which we do not filter out nor do we currently intend to.
The virus uses 11 different subjects (see below). We are adding these to the filters on the email backbone relays.

The subjects it uses are:
* If I were God and didn't belive in myself would it be blasphemy
* The A-Team VS KnightRider ... who would win ?
* Just one kiss, will make it better. just one kiss, and we will be alright.
* I can't help this longing, comfort me.
* And I miss you most of all, my darling ...
* ... When autumn leaves start to fall It's dark in here, you can feel it all around. The underground.
* I will always be with you sometimes black sometimes white ...
* .. and there's no need to be scared, you re always on my mind.
* You just take a giant step, one step higher.
* The air will hold you if you try, trust my wings of desire.
Glory, Glorified.......

Message: The text of the message is one of the following:
* Happy Birthday
* Yeah ok, so it's not yours it's mine
* The horizons lean forward, offering us space to place new steps of change.
* I like this calm, moments before the storm
* Darling, when did you fall..when was it over ?
* Will you meet me .... and we'll fly away ?!
* You should like this, it could have been made for you
* speak to you later
* They say love is blind ... well, the attachment probably proves it.
* Pretty good either way though, isn't it ?
* still cause for a celebration though, check out the details I attached
* This made me laugh
* Got some more stuff to tell you later but I can't stop right now

* so I'll email you later or give you a ring if thats ok ?!
* Speak to you later

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