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Subject: Re: RC5 questions
Name: Bob
Date: 10/19/2001 3:14:39 AM (GMT-7)
IP Address:
In Reply to: RC5 questions posted by Ben

I started crunching # 's on my HD & was fast as was my first test.
I added a switch to my first RC5 computer that turns off the HD & CDRom drives to save some energy (I also kill the monitor) & the switch kills the +5 & +12 volts to the drive plugs leaving ground intact (I shut down the computer then I throw the switch safely).

I use the DOS version of the RC5 cruncher & created an auto booting RC5 floppy & ran the RC5 program from floppy & the computer was not crunching # 's no where near as fast as in my tests ?. So I watched the floppy & it was accessed alot & was real slow & added to the time it took to crunch the RC5 code. So I then took the RC5 boot disk & added a ramdrive & auto copy some files over to the ramdrive, rc5 cruncher, RC5 config file, ramit.bat.
While still in the autoexec.bat part of bootup the ramdrive becomes the main drive & is selected as the current drive then file ramit.bat is called on the ramdrive which copies the two RC5 input & output buffer files (.RC5) from the floppy to the ramdrive, starts the RC5 cruncher, & when the
cruncher is done (either with input buffer empty or user intervention "Ctrl C") the I/O files are saved to floppy. If ramit is typed in the cycle repeats copy from floppy to ramdrive, crunch # 's,
save back to floppy. To send my code in I take the floppy to my online computer & use the windows RC5 version to return the code & retrieve more but I understand this process can be automatic & thru your network, I do not allow my computers that much slack.
I am not sure if the video could crunch RC5 or if it would be very good @ it.
Hope I did this good as I am out of time.


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