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Subject: Re: Athlon XP Overclocking
Name: LED
Date: 10/18/2001 9:50:26 AM (GMT-7)
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In Reply to: Re: Athlon XP Overclocking posted by Sledge

Dunno as it's some type of excerpt of tests with no actual results other than my's the whole deal...JFU (Just For You)

Athlon XP Overclocking

We have all seen a number a of reviews of the Athlon XP , outlining the new features, showing the improved performance. If you managed to miss any of the reviews go check one out at anandtech.
We are going to cover all those unanswered questions about the Athlon XP overclocking. We will include the test results we have available for each speed CPU.

Cooling the Athlon XP

The Athlon XP while Socket A compatible is slightly shorter ( lower vertical height ) than previous versions of the Athlon. No need to worry most Socket a coolers with standard style clips will have no issue. Any cooler with enough clip pressure will work fine. AMD's previous standard for clip pressure is 25 pounds and has not changed. While not all coolers have 25 pounds of clip pressure, most do. If you are not sure if your cooler has sufficient pressure ask your favorite vendor. Ability wholesale and both have Athlon XP tested coolers available for your purchase.

Unlocking the Athlon XP

Now , we have seen quite a bit of hoopla about unlocking the Athlon XP. All of the retail box processors we used had a deep trench cut by a laser between the L1 bridges. While this does make it a bit more tricky to unlock your CPU , it is still no major problem. Using a pencil is definitely out , you will need to use the standard unlocking method , connecting the L1 brides with conductive ink. We doubt that using unlocking kits ( bridge tape ) will work effectively. We are sure by now every one is familiar with the bridging process If you need instruction on the bridging process please read here /

Make certain to only bridge the first row of the L1 bridges. There are additional bridges on the XP CPU that did not exist on the original thunderbird. In the first row there is a 5th bridge that allows multipliers 12-18x . The second row of 4 L1 bridges enable options for the Mobile Athlon 4 , unless you care to enable power now. I doubt you care to change those bridges

We have heard reports that while we are able to unlock the Athlon XP . That motherboards using a hard jumper motherboard jumper or dipswitch ) to control multiplier settings may have some issues with all or some of the multiplier settings. We are certain this problem can be overcome easily, and is fixed simply by bridging an additional connection on the CPU. When we have concrete results we will inform you.

Motherboards and Power supplies

AMD sales informed us that the Athlon XP is more " current sensitive " than previous versions of the Athlon. While we had no problem with any motherboards we had available. Rather than go into the specifications We recommend taking a look at AMD' s list of XP recommended motherboards here

Power supply issues seem to constantly plague overclockers , While we could go on for pages explaining and giving recommended specification ( see our up coming power supply guide ) The fact is if you plan to overclock , you need a high quality name brand power supply, preferably something rated 400 watts or better . We recommend ANTEC, AMS and OCZ brand power supplies.

Overclocking Results / Stepping codes / conclusions

We tested our Athlon XP's on a Abit KG7, 256 megs of OCZ PC-2400, OCZ 420 PSU with an OCZ dominator 2 cooler. All CPUs we tested at maximum voltage ( 1.85 setting ). We have had access to relatively few Athlon XP's but can draw some conclusions based on our tests.

There are only 2 stepping's we have run across AGKFA and AGKGA, We have however seen both 9 and Y
third line codes. Our results we as follows ( rounded to lower )

1500( 1333mhz ) 2 tested
One of these maxed out at 1590Mhz the other at 1570

1500 ( 1333mhz ) 1 tested
this CPU maxed out at 1610Mhz

1600 ( 1400mhz) 5 tested
Average 1740Mhz highest 1810Mhz

1800 (1533) 5 tested
Average 1800Mhz highest 1890Mhz

While we can draw few conclusions we can say that the 1533Mhz AGKGA Y are supreme overclockers.
It also seems that the Y third line code still preferred. Thanks to the guys at and for supplying our test rig. Go on over now to and pick your self up a AthlonXP 1800 AGKGA Y. They are worth every cent

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