Flight 93 - Madame booly predicts

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Subject: Flight 93 - Madame booly predicts
Name: booly
Date: 9/29/2001 8:32:41 AM (GMT-7)
IP Address:
In Reply to: Hey, I found something! posted by SickOfItAll

Flight 93 is the stuff of legend.

Watch out for the various Hollywood productions coming your way soon.

Its a bit tricky though at the moment because while the Taliban are awkward old buggers and OBL is a psycho nutbar of the weirdest kind, it seems pretty clear that noone wants to hurt those poor Afghan refugees who have suffered enough already and are pretty good people.

Plus its becoming clear that OBL is some sort of cult maker. There is a lot of ferment in every society where lost young men need a cause to fight for. If its not their nation, then its a gang, if not a gang than a religion will do.

Ever heard the group James - "poor old Johnny has set himself on fire again".

Well anyway, OBL is gathering all these lost young muslims from all over the world and turning them into even bigger nutcases than he is.

This campaign is about defeating OBL, El Quaida and their propaganda machine. Counter propaganda plays an important part in that. All participating have to protect their reputations while a propaganda war is fought in Pakistan and all across the muslim world to prevent the disaffection of young men, the undesirable ferment of revolution and the reinforcement of OBL's machine.

At the same time we are being prepared for trouble as the media discuss the threats which EQs weapons pose with discussions of chemical and biological warfare.

We are being educated as to the difference between the good Moslem and the terrorist fanatic freakydeak. And its true the vast majority of Moslems are OK IMHO. You get dickhead rebels whichever culture you look at, my own included.

With such data about possible attacks being let into the main stream the agencies concerned are making it impossible for the alliance to back out of the long term persuit and annihilation of EQ. Not that any sane person would want to. They are also enlisting the support of Joe public in stopping these offensives.

As flight 93 must have realised, we have far less to lose by trying to fight them than by not trying.

I think the media however have come close to over stepping the mark in presuming that this is another Gulf War, it may be an interesting story but this whips up expectation among our own people and makes the politicians and polices job harder.

I really think this is a different kettle of fish altogether so it requires different tactics.

Ideally a joint Islamic nations and Western nations taskforce would go after OBL but this is blocked by the Taliban.

Unblocking this requires first the discredit and then criminalisation of the Taliban in the eyes of the Islamic world (the biggest allies we have on that score are the Taliban themselves, watch this space they have already cocked a snook at every living Sikh with the annihilation of buddhist statuary).

Following that their defeat by an Islamic competitor ie the Northern coalition will only be seen as just, then the situation will change for the better and may allow a Joint Islamic solution to the EQ problem.

I think GW is doing OK.

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