Question for MS: Overclock FIC AD11

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Subject: Question for MS: Overclock FIC AD11
Name: Dunedain
Date: 7/12/2001 4:32:04 PM (GMT-7)
IP Address:

Hey guys, I have a new Alienware system that I've been having fun playing
games very fast on and I was wondering about the OC potential of the memory
I have. It's PC2100 DDR (133Mhz, 266 effective), I have 256 meg.

The kind of memory that is listed on the very thorough Alienware documentation
is shown as this:

Memory Brand: Apacer

Chip: Nanya

Yeah, I know, not exactly my first choice for memory, either. But it's
what the system came with, I had assumed that a top-notch company like
Alienware would use only the best stuff (the rest of the system is first class),
but they didn't use Micron
or Mushkin. Oh well, when I upgrade the MB, I'll make sure to put nothing
but the very best in RAM onboard. But for now, this is what I have.

Any experience on how well this RAM overclocks? I take it that CAS 2 is out
of the question...

This MB will only OC the mem to 150 max and I was hoping if I couldn't get
CAS 2, to at least get the clock up above the standard 133.

Been following the board for a long time, but this is my first attempt at OC'ing
(didn't have any hardware worth OC'ing before ).

Are the risks different for OC'ing the mem clock vs. trying to change the CAS?
I seem to remember MS saying something about possibly corrupting data
on the hard drive if the RAM didn't work well with certain CAS settings, but
I could be remembering wrong.

What would be the recommended procedure for OC'ing this RAM. One nice thing
about this board that I was reading in the manual was that you can hit certain
keys at boot up and it will automatically restore default clock settings,
in case the system becomes unstable when trying to OC.

Also, I have a Geforce III, what is the most PCI clock speed this can handle
while maintaining perfect stability. As I OC the mem, the PCI bus is going
to come along for the ride and it would be good to know what the GFIII can handle
in PCI bus speeds.

Any thoughts and advice from the fine members of this board are welcomed. Thanks.

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