Yum.... JB Weld

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Subject: Yum.... JB Weld
Name: KnightTalon
Date: 4/18/2001 8:50:55 AM (GMT-7)
IP Address:

Well, I just powered up my main system after JB welding everything together.. (Heatsink paste, I don't need no steenkeeng heatsink paste!) CPU, and both GPUs on the V5, as well as affixing a 3 1/2" fan to the end of the card to blow cool air over the card. (Got the idea a while ago, never had the cojones to do it tho, provides better thermal transfer..)

The results: V5@183 now, Never went too much above 175 before, haven't tried higher yet. (affixed two S370 heatsinks, and 2" fans)

CPU was a problem, tho... Celeron 566 (8.5x Mult) Running at 850, avg temp is abour 23C Idle, 36-38 under load. But after JB welding, it's around 23 idle, 56!!C under load!! so something is obviously wrong.. I figured that maybe the Globalwin FOP38 wasn't sitting properly on the chip, but that seemed to check out, so I braced myself for potential destruction, and attempted to pull the heatsink from the chip.. POP! It came right off, with very little force.. not a good thing.. It turns out that the CPU had a fairly thick insulating layer of JB on it.. nothing I could measure, mind you, but let's just say it wasn't the best.. I put the CPU back together with the heatsink (after cleaning it off, and applying silicone thermal grease) (all I can get in town) and now it's back to it's happy temperature of 23 idle, 37 full load. (so low idle, because win2k runs the HLT command)

I'm liking the results of the Voodoo5 so far, but a 10.2%increase in clock speed only lead to a 4.7% increase in frame rates in Q3A (High Quality, only changed res to 1280x1024 )

Anyone have advice on Voodoo5 optimisation?

Later all.. I can help if anyone has further questions. (I let the V/5 cure overnight, about 14 hours total, The CPU only cured for about 12 hours, so it didn't set properly (Thankfully!) Oh, and I put 25lbs on top of each heatsink on the V5 as it cured.. (forces out excess JB))
(crap.. just realised my problem.. never heated up the heatsink first.. maybe I'll try again =)

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How I got the idea....

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