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Subject: Fuzzy
Name: Solo
Date: 4/14/2001 11:03:17 AM (GMT-7)
IP Address:

I am a little fuzzy on the difference between a 200 FSB chip and a 266 one.

Is there any physical difference between the chips or is it just that one chip is rated at? I am assuming that it is like the PIII 600E VS 600EB (that is they are designed to run on a 100 and 133 bus respectively, the difference being in the clock multiplier).

Also if I currently have a 1.2/200? and wanted to run it on a 266 bus mobo I could because I can change the (providing it is unlocked) multiplier to say 4.5 and be golden.

If I am running a KT7A-R with a FSB of 133, my 1.2 is set at 9.0, which gives 9 x 133 = 1.2G ok I get that. But would I be considered as having a 133, 200 (math does not work) or a 266 FSB. I know the new DDR ram transfers data using both the leading and falling edge of the timing cycle but are we talking about but what is the actual FSB on a DDR board? Is it 266 or is it 133 Transferring data like it was 266 because of the DDR? Or is the memory bus speed asynchronous from the processor?

Also considering that you can change your memory bus independently of the processors on some boards......you get the idea.

Things are starting to get confusing and I need someone to straighten me out. Anything to help me understand this better would help.

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