PIII set up problems, please help

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Subject: PIII set up problems, please help
Name: John Unn
Date: 2/4/2001 3:55:56 AM (GMT-7)
IP Address:

I am trying to build a PIII and ran into the following problems. If someone can please help. The computer already seems to work, hard drive and all but there are some specs problems.

I have bought a partially put together box, with I believe a generic mother board that supports upto 1Ghz with built in AGP video. I have installed the Pentium III 1Ghz processor. The bios is American Megatrends, copyright 2000, so I suppose it is fairly recent.

On bootup the type of processor it reads is Pentium III-667 instead of 1Ghz. Also it reads NVRam (What is NVRam, I thought it is SDRam)? As I go into the bios setup, on the CPU PnP setup screen it asks for CPU/Dram frequency. The default number is 66/66Mhz. and the CPU speed reads as 300 Mhz. The CPU multiplier number default comes up X4.5. The CPU number changes only by changing the CPU frequency and CPU multiplier number. As long as I leave these numbers as is, the system boots up fine, but if I try to change them the screen goes totaly blank (black) and the CDROM light keeps on coming (on, seeks, off, on seeks off) indefinitely. I have tried 100/100 Mhz, 133/133 Mhz,with a multiplier that would change the CPU speed number to 1000. There is no choice of 100/133 but there is 133/100 which I have not tried. I am using PC133 memory.

How do I fix this speed problem?

Few other less serious problems: The on board video controller is supposedly an AGP with 64 mg shared memory. In the video setting in the bios on the PCI/plug and play screen, the default setting for Primary graphics adapter came up PCI. I did change that to AGP. This did not seem to make any differnce to the display or functioning of the computer. The drivers the system had auto loaded from the CDROM that came with the system are PCI drivers (may be because at the time the adapter setting in the bios read as PCI). Should I delete those drivers and reload drivers after changing the bios choice to the AGP selection? In the advanced setup screen the number for "share memory size" reads 16 MB. Should I change that to 64? The next question here reads allocate IRQ to PCI VGA and is answered yes. Should that remain yes.

Once the system gets going correctly I do want add a second video card (a PCI) for a second monitor. Will that affect these above settings?

During the hard drive setup (partitioning and all), it seemed to have created a D drive also which is "MS Ram drive". Windows help does not even mention "MS Ram drive". What is that? Even though I saw letter D assigned to it and inital setup showing E assigned to the CDRom drive, using D for CDRom works fine. Do I need to mess wiht this MSRam drive thing at all?

Thanks a lot guys.


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