only two ways to fix that I known of

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Subject: only two ways to fix that I known of
Name: Bob
Date: 1/8/2001 2:50:07 PM (GMT-7)
IP Address:
In Reply to: I'm having no problems with NU posted by Stimp

I had a 1 gig WD HD that I dropped & both NU & scandisk's surface test (fix) frooze in the same spot, but had fixed bad sectors before then.

This is indeed not normal for either program as when they find most normal bad spots & they mark the FAT filing system sectors & move on. I have used UN a very very long & never had this
problem before. Older driver broke alot.

I think the error is a mirroring problem like 2 or more heads all on top of bad sectors at the same time & I think the HD firmware is to blame for this problem.

The fix is a bitch I used scandisk to find freezing sector then used the # with NU diskedit in the FAT to change it to bad. I had around 9 sectors grounps from 2 to 4 bad.
Once I had the freezing ones marked in the FAT then the surface tests worked worked from
beggining to end no problem.

I was so mad that I made a basic program to read in the FAT & change the known bad sectors
(clusters) to bad again & put back the good FAT automaticly (repaired) needed if you reformat the HD anytime. The math I used was sector / 64 = cluster - 2.
Your math maybe be different depends on cluster size & fat size.
I had scandisk surface test show me the first bad cluster & I wrote it down &
used NU diskedit in the fat mode till I found the first bad cluster, & figured the math from there.
Money was tight for me back then & it was a challenge to see if I could fix it.
I had to run surface test every month & 1/2 or problems would start to appear after the HD got more then half way full.

All in all thou I would keep returning the HD till you get a good one as I would bet that the HD
would degrade over time, yours is a hardware problem not a software problem.


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