Cyrix CPU's Unveiled

WARNING!!! The following series of photos are very graphic. The butchery, violence, and violation of this once productive Cyrix CPU should not be viewed by Cyrix lovers or those who have a sensitivity towards uncalled for destruction.  

Heatsink, Ceramic top and the 'underbelly' of the Cx486


      The final insult. The cover has been violently removed and a mortal wound has been suffered. The Buck 119+ CPU dispatch tool was used for this delicate work.

     Click on IC for picture.

The next step would be to remove the IC, gutting the CPU case completely. I haven't had very much luck at that. Looking closely at the enlarged image you can clearly see the gold leads connecting the IC to the pins. The large areas on the upper left would be the L1 data and program cache. There are two leads which have been damaged, can you find them? With a microscope, a bit of gold and a tiny soldering device this CPU might be brought back to life, NOT!  I wonder if I could get it replaced under warranty?


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