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This Article was last modified in January, 1998.

The Cyrix MXi is Cyrix Corporation's next-generation MediaGX processor. Like the MediaGX, the MXi will be a fully-integrated, cheaply priced CPU. This processor will probably be the greatest solution for users on a tight budget, who don't want to lose any performance.

The MXi will be the first processor to integrate 2D and 3D graphics, consumer-quality DVD, as well as the industry’s highest memory bandwidth, all in an affordable solution for the mainstream desktop.

On October 15, Cyrix unveiled the architectural details of its next-generation integrated processor, the MXi, at Microprocessor Forum '97.

The MXi will feature the next-generation Cayenne core, and the MXi is strengthened by a dual-issue, fully pipelined floating point and MMX unit with 15 new multimedia floating point instructions. The processor also integrates the latest system technology, including SDRAM control, AGP and consumer-quality DVD playback, onto the processor. With its low memory latency and industry-leading memory bandwidth – greater than 2GBytes per second – the MXi is expected to significantly outperform competing non-integrated AGP solutions.

"MXi will deliver a quantum leap in 3D, DVD and multimedia performance in an affordable, two-chip solution – just add memory," said Steve Tobak, vice president of corporate and channel marketing, Cyrix. "This chip will also provide the industry’s highest memory bandwidth, resulting in AGP performance twice that of the Pentium II processor."

3D Graphics Features and Performance
The MXi will incorporate a complete list of state-of-the-art 3D graphics features, including bi-linear and tri-linear filtering, Alpha blending/fog, Gouraud shading, MIP mapping and Z buffering. Additionally, the MXi will be D3D and OpenGL compliant for mainstream software compatibility.

With respect to performance, the MXi has a 3D rendering capability of greater than 2 million triangles per second with a fill rate of 120 million pixels per second. In summary, MXi will deliver integrated, high-performance 3D processing with all the features of much more expensive multi-chip solutions.

Additional Features, Data
The MXi is based on the Cayenne core, featuring a dual-issue floating point and MMX instruction unit, 64KByte L1 cache, and an enhanced sixth-generation integer unit. MXi will initially be manufactured using a .25-micron, 5-layer metal process. This includes a C4 process for flip chip assembly. As a result, the die size is expected to be about 90mm2. With production slated for 2H98, MXi will be available in speeds rated at
PR300 to PR400.

All of this information and more, can be found at Cyrix's website:

This CPU is still in the very early development stages, so keep checking back often as I will continue to update this page.

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