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This Article was last modified in January, 1998.

The Cyrix 6x86L is basically the same CPU as the 6x86, with a small change in regards to the power it uses. The 6x86 had it's problems and Cyrix had to fight with a lot of trouble since the 6x86 release. However this doesn't say that Cyrix wasn't working extremely hard to survive by fixing one problem after the other.

The 'L' stands for 'low voltage' and basically means that the 6x86 now also has got the 'split voltage' feature which is used in newer chips, such as the K6, 6x86MX, and Pentium MMX.

The 6x86L has almost the same voltage specifications as the Pentium MMX, a 2.8 V core and a 3.3 V I/O interface voltage. Cyrix expects a power reduction of more than 25% of the previous models, which will keep the CPU much cooler and won't ask for more current than a Pentium MMX.

Most people who own an older 6x86 have probably suffered from all kinds of problems, such as not being able to over clock, and overheating problems, and this chip could be the solution to all those problems. However, Cyrix took a bit too long to release it, because now, this chip is pretty much outdated. However, if you think the 6x86 is good enough for you, then get the 6x86L.

I won't bother to grade these CPU's; they have the same features as a 6x86, and would receive about the same score.

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