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Intel 486 Exposed

Intel 486 Exposed!

Warning! Intel lovers will not like what has happened to this once powerful CPU. Valued, in the distant past, at many hundreds of dollars this 80486DX was brutally attacked by the Buck CPU dispatch tool. Although it appears to have survived the extreme violation, its future is at best doubtful. Tossed into the scrap pile of abused Integrated Circuits it can only reminisce about the past and calculate revenge in the future.

In the mean time here are the photos!

486 Top (15017 bytes) Copyright 1989! Wow what a power house this would have been back then. Only use would be in powerful servers if I recall the Intel press releases correctly.






486 Back (16315 bytes)92346193AB MALAY U 240 is hard to read but this protective shield won't be around long anyway.






486 Open (20179 bytes) A little fuzzy but you get the idea. For a closer look click on the IC and get an 80K pic to download. The Buck CPU dispatch tool was much kinder to the Intel than the Cyrix. Could Buck be an Intel lover? Maybe, after all no instantly fatal wounds were suffered by the 80486.


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