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CPU Coolers

Test Results:

The numbers represent the temperature of the CPU with that specific cooling unit on it (shorter bars are better).

Click on the name of one of the top-two units in the graph for an individual review

System Info:

Cyrix 6x86 P166+ (133MHz)
Overclocked to P200+ (150MHz) - 75MHz x2 (equals one REALLY hot CPU)
Diamond Monster 3D
Matrox Mystique 170
Western Digital Caviar 2.5GB
Panasonic 24x CD-ROM
AcerLAN Ethernet Card
Zoltrix 33.6 Data/FAX/Voice Modem
Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16

The CPU temperature was monitored by using the ASUS TX97-E's built in hardware monitoring, and Motherboard Monitor by Alex Van Kaam.

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