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Glossary of terms used

Glossary of terms:

Pentium II - The entire unit including internal components, substrate, thermal plate, cover, heat sink and heat sink fan. Also used term is CPU.

S.E.C. cartridge - The processor packaging technology is called a "Single Edge Contact cartridge". SEC cartridge is generally used in reference to just the packaging.

Processor substrate - The structure on which the components are mounted inside the S.E.C. cartridge. Also called the daughterboard or circuit board.

Processor core - The processors execution engine. The actual CPU. A thermal plug on the processor core is used to transmit heat from the IC to the thermal plate.

Thermal plate - The surface used to connect a heatsink or other thermal solution to the processor. It is also the primary component in the construction of the Pentium II. All discrete parts attach to the Thermal plate.

Cover - The processor casing on the opposite side of the thermal plate. It is also referred to as the front for the purpose of this page.

Latch arms - A cartridge feature that can be utilized as a means for securing the PII processor in the retention mechanism.

Skirt - With the thermal plate and cover, completes the enclosure of the the processor substrate. Last piece taken off, can be last piece put on.

Left, Right, Top, Bottom - Looking at the hologram the writing is left to right the substrate edge finger connector is on the bottom, the heat sink is on the back side, and the serial number is on the top.

diagrm.jpg (27678 bytes)

Rivscrew- A threaded removable rivet, used to attach the boxed heat sink. A 1.5mm Allen key is required to remove the rivet. Avdel Textron can supply the proper tools for installation and removal. Eliminates the need to drill out the rivet (to remove the heat sink) which will prevent metal shavings from getting into the PII. Just one of the great ideas put to use in the PII.

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